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Results and Personal Experience in Content Marketing World 2021

Results and Personal Experience in Content Marketing World 2021

The global content marketing theme this year was “Connections” and it was amazing to reconnect after 18 months of physical separation.

I flew from San Francisco to Cleveland on Monday night. Leaving Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, I knew I was "home" when I saw this sign:

"Welcome to Cleveland. The World of Content Marketing 2021".

Content Marketing World 2021 was held from September 28 to October 1. The in-person experience was at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland.


content marketing world
content marketing world

Back Together: How Do We Join?

Walking into the convention center on Tuesday morning, I knew I would meet friends from the global content marketing community. My dilemma was whether to greet with a hug, handshake, elbow bump, or wave.

The theme of this year's conference was "Connections," and really, after more than a year away physically, how could we not reconnect?

When I saw a good friend, I decided to raise both arms in a hug and then asked, "Is it okay to hug?" I'll pause for an answer, and if yes, I'll continue with a gentle hug. If he didn't prefer a hug, he would stick out his right elbow for a punch.


What did Participants Think About Their Personal Experience at CMWorld?

The Content Marketing World team implemented the necessary safety guidelines. In-person attendees were required to bring a printout or photo of their proof of vaccination or show a negative COVID-19 test result.

In real life, There's nothing like connecting face-to-face, and the CM World community and experience is second to none."

For others, the experience of moving from room to room (rather than zoom to zoom) was welcome. I think my mind and body like that kind of variety," said Ashley Guttuso.

Andy Robinson, a global digital content leader at Corteva Agriscience, was named the 2021 Content Marketing Community World Champion at the conference. It's nice to be around colleagues who speak the same language (ie, content marketing).

Misha Bochicchio, a first-time attendee, traveled from Boston to Cleveland. Bochicchio is the Content Marketing Manager at Wistia and plans to make World of Content Marketing an annual tradition. According to Bochicchio, "Everyone was so friendly and genuinely excited about connecting with other marketers.


Takeaways From the World of Content Marketing

In addition to meeting and networking with wonderful people, the hallmark of a good conference is the lessons it brings back to the office to apply.

According to Shane Shops, president and founder of social media marketing agency 520 East Brands, “My bottom line is that repurposing content is still a critical approach and key to the storytelling we do. Connecting to a cause gives a purpose and a story to tell.

Bochicchio de Wistia also attended sessions that focused on storytelling. "We want our readers and our community to feel like they're chatting with a friend, not engaging in a business," said Buccicchio.

Andy Robinson enjoyed a keynote presentation by Melanie Diesel titled "Prove It: Using Content as Evidence for Your Biggest Claims." According to Robinson, "Our content should serve as evidence for our most important claims. Our content is the lens through which our audience views us. Melanie Diesel does a great job of explaining how our audience views us. Why not trust and how can we fix it."


Meaningful Connections, Meaningful Impact

Amy Fair took the conference theme "Connections" very seriously.

Ashley Guttuso brought up a theme at the conference which was the need to stop creating content for the sake of creating. When you do, you can take a step back to create better content that has more impact. According to Guttuso, "We must create content that connects prospects and consumers with our brands' mission and has a significant impact on their lives. I see this as an opportunity to plan projects that have business ROI." Besides having a positive impact on the world."


Until Next Year, The Content Marketing World!

I would like to thank the Content Marketing World team for a wonderful conference. As I returned home to San Francisco after a fun-filled week, my thoughts turned to 2022, when we return to Cleveland. Mark the dates on your calendar: September 13-16, 2022.

About the Author

Dennis Shiao is the founder of B2B Marketing Agency.

The World of Content Marketing will Leave Cleveland for a New Experience in Washington, DC Next Year

CLEVELAND, Ohio — World of Content Marketing, one of Cleveland's largest business conferences, is heading to Washington, DC. Organizers say next year will be a new experience for attendees.

The announcement was made Friday as this year's four-day event, attended by 1,500 to 2,000 people, was wrapping up at the Huntington Convention Center.

The conference for creators, content producers, and marketers began in 2010 after Pulizzi founded the Content Marketing Institute. For the first event, he reserved a 125-person room at the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel.

Instead, 600 people from about 25 countries attended. "But it worked."

The conference is held annually in Cleveland with two exceptions. It went virtual in 2020 thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and was commanded in Columbus in 2012.

Event general manager Stephanie Stahl said organizers have nothing but amazing experiences in Cleveland. "

But because the event has so many alumni, who attend year after year, he said he felt it was time for a change so he could offer attendees a new experience.

The event is commanded in Washington from September twenty-six to twenty-nine, 2023. Stahl said Washington, D.C., would not be the permanent host. He said Cleveland could host in the future, but as of Friday, he had no plans beyond 2023.

Stahl said this year's conference, the second since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, was incredible.

In recent years the event has drawn thousands of people to the city and attracted celebrities for each conference.  This year comedian Hasan Minhaj and Cleveland Hustles host Bonin Bo were the keynote speakers.

The Content Marketing Institute was acquired in 2016 for $17.6 million and is now part of Informa, UK-based international events, digital services, and academic knowledge group.

Content Marketing Institute has a remote workforce, with people working in Ohio and other states such as New York and California, Stahl said.

Content marketing, oversimplified, is when businesses create content like articles and podcasts for their potential customers. A local example is the Cleveland Clinic's Health necessities weblog, which has provided knowledgeable answers to health queries since 2012.

Marketing and PR professionals meet for workshops and dozens of focused sessions. Some workshops specialize in career skills and social media selling. Others focus on audio experiments and "creative flexes".

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